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Zip-It® Drywall Screw Anchor-Made in U.S.A.

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No Pre-Drilling. RoHS compliant.
Use #2 or #3 Phillips Screwdriver. Two Cutting Blades. Two Guide Blades to Stabilize the Anchor for Speed. Anti-Rotation Design. Install Using 300 to 400 RPM with Screw Gun. Upon installation with a screw, the tip expands, increasing load capacity.
Kits have 50 Anchors, 50 Screws and a #2 x 2 Power Bit.
Kits are priced per each.
Anchors are priced per 100 pieces.
Diameter column equals wall thickness range.
Product Name-Zip-itsPart #Screw Size-LengthWeightGrip RangeUnitTypePrice/100 Pcs.l Price/100 pcs.
Drywall Screw AnchorPZN#8 x 1-11/16".6 lbs.3/8" to 1"100Nylon . No pre-drill.$7.99

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Drywall Screw AnchorPZNMP#8 x 1-11/16"4.2 lbs.3/8" to 1"1000Nylon. No pre-drill.$7.39

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Drywall Screw AnchorPZNBK#8 x 1-11/16"22.0 lbs.3/8" to 1"5000Nylon. No pre-drill.$6.09

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Drywall Screw AnchorPZZ#8 x 1-3/8"1.4 lbs.3/8" to 1"100Zinc Alloy. No pre-drill.$16.49

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Drywall Screw AnchorPZZMP#8 x 1-3/8"12.0 lbs.3/8" to 1"1000Zinc Alloy. No pre-drill.$12.99

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Drywall Screw AnchorPZZBK#8 x 1-3/8"52.0 lbs.3/8" to 1"3000Zinc Alloy. No pre-drill.$12.29

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Drywall Screw AnchorPZN-M#6 x 1-5/16"0.4 lb.3/8" to 5/8"100Nylon. No pre-drill.$8.59$8.59
Drywall Screw AnchorPZN-MMP#6 x 1-5/16"2.1 lbs.3/8" to 5/8"1000Nylon. No pre-drill.$6.59$65.90
Drywall Screw AnchorPZN-MBK#6 x 1-5/16"10.7 lbs.3/8" to 5/8"5000Nylon. No pre-drill.$5.39$269.50
Drywall Screw AnchorPZZ-M#6 x 1-5/16".8 lbs.3/8" to 5/8"100Zinc Alloy. No pre-drill.$19.49$19.49
Drywall Screw AnchorPZZ-MMP#6 x 1-5/16"6.2 lbs.3/8" to 5/8"1000Zinc Alloy. No pre-drill.$18.89$188.90
Drywall Screw AnchorPZZ-MBK#6 x 1-5/16"30.0 lbs.3/8" to 5/8"5000Zinc Alloy. No pre-drill.$16.99$849.50