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Write and Wrap Dispensers- Made in U.S.A.

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Make your own labels using pen or pencil. Pocket sized disposable booklets. white area for writing on application. Label is made of Vinyl coated cloth material with a permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, The transparent portion wraps around to protect the white write-on area and is designed to be handwritten using a permanent marker or pen.. The clear over-laminate offer protection of your text from handling and environmental exposures.
Acrylic adhesive (resistant to oil and water).
Usable temperature - 40ºF to +250ºF.
Price per booklet
Product NamePart NumberSizeWeightUnitTypePrice
Write and Wrap BookletMKW1-3BK1 x 3.1 lb. eachEach1" x 3/4" Write-On Area, 60 Markers per Booklet.
Min. Wire Size:: 24"
Max. Wire Size: .56"

$ 10.99

Write and Wrap BookletMKW5-625.5 x .625.1 lb. eachEach.5" x .625 Write-On Area, 200 Markers per Booklet
Min. Wire Size: .16"
Max. Wire Size: .24"

$ 10.99