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Wire Connectors- Grounding- Winged

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See Technical Section for additional specifications.
Rocket ship style.
U.L. Listed- 94MM E205093.
C.S.A. Approved LR68461.
Live action square spring draws wires deep into the spring for safe, tight grip.
Makes positive ground connections and bonds non-metallic sheethed cable.
Built-in swept-back wing design enables users to tighten connectors easily without tools.
Easy back-off.
Priced per 100 pieces and bags.
Product NamePart NumberSizeWeightRatingUnitTotal Price
Winged Grounding ConnectorWWCGCBGGreen #10-#144.0 lbs./bag600V500 per bag [3.35/c]

$ 16.75Add to cart

Winged Grounding ConnectorWWCGCBKGreen #10-#1434.0 lbs./pack600V10 bags of 500 pcs. [3.25/c]

$ 162.50Add to cart