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SDS Max Hammer Drills- Made in U.S.A.

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All bits 5/8" diameter or larger are Quad Tips (4-cutter tips).
Bits with asterisks are Bosch style imports and have extra Brazing by the tip for rugged use.
Other sizes are available upon request.
Add $5.00 per order for Domestic Drill Bits, if the order is under $150.00. Domestic Bits do not have asterisks.
Price per piece.

Note: Products that do not display the "Add to cart" option, are not elegible for the online shopping cart. Please contact us to find more information

Product NamePart NumberSize-Professional GradeWeightDiameterUnitOverall LengthTotal Price
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM38-137 inches usable length.5 lb./bit3/8each13 overall length$ 0.00
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM12-137 inches usable length.7 lb./bit1/2each13 overall length

$ 8.99Add to cart

SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM12-1812 inches usable length.9 lb./bit1/2each18 overall length$ 17.49
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM12-2317-1/2 inches usable length1.1 lbs./bit1/2each23-1/2 overall length

$ 13.59Add to cart

SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM12-3024 inches usable length1.5 lbs./bit1/2each30 overall length$ 20.71
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSN12-3630 inches usable length1.8 lbs./bit1/2each36 overall length$ 29.29
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM12-4842 inches usable length2.3 lbs./bit1/2each48 overall length$ 82.33
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM916-137 inches usable length.8 lb./bit9/16each13 overall length$ 17.75
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM916-2317 1/2 inches usable length1.3 lbs./bit9/16each23-1/2 overall length$ 23.36
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM58-137 inches usable length.8 lb./bit5/8each13 overall length

$ 11.79Add to cart

SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM58-1711 inches usable length1.1 lbs./bit5/8each17 overall length

$ 13.49Add to cart

SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM58-2317-1/2 inches usable length1.4 lbs./bit5/8each23-1/2 overall length

$ 16.49Add to cart

SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM58-3024 inches usable lrngth1.6 lbs./bit5/8each30 overall length$ 28.82
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM58-3630 inches usable length1.9 lbs./bit5/8each36 overall length$ 48.09
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM58-4842 inches usable length2.6 lbs./bit5/8each48 overall length$ 83.73
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM1116-2317-1/2 inches usable length1.6 lbs./bit11/16each23-1/2 overall length$ 31.71
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM34-137 inches usable length1.0 lb./bit3/4each13 overall length

$ 12.49Add to cart

SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM34-1711 inches usable length1.2 lbs./bit3/4each17 overall length$ 14.99
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM34-2317-1/2 inches usable length1.8 lbs./bit3/4each23-1/2 overall length

$ 18.69Add to cart

SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM34-3024 inches usable length2.3 lbs./bit3/4each30 overall length$ 39.79
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM34-3630 inches usable length2.9 lbs./bit3/4each36 overall length$ 49.37
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM34-4842 inches usable length4.0 lbs./bit3/4each48 overall length$ 90.29
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM1316-2317-1/2 inches usable length2.0 lbs./bit13/16each23-1/2 overall length$ 35.69
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM2732-137 inches usable length1.2 lbs./bit27/32each13 overall length$ 24.66
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM2732-2317-1/2 inches usable length2.0 lbs./bit27/32each23-1/2 overall length$ 30.78
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM78-137 inches usable length1.2 lbs./bit7/8each13 overall length

$ 15.99Add to cart

SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM78-1812 inches usable length1.7 lbs./bit7/8each18 overall length$ 29.48
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM78-2317-1/2 inches usable length2.1 lbs./bit7/8each23-1/2 overall length

$ 20.80Add to cart

SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM78-3630 inches usable length3.3 lbs./bit7/8each36 overall length$ 57.35
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM1-137 inches usable length1.5 lbs./bit1each13 overall length

$ 19.99Add to cart

SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM1-1812 inches usable length2.0 lbs./bit1each18 overall length$ 31.86
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM1-2317-1/2 inches usable length2.5 lbs./bit1each23-1/2 overall length

$ 24.99Add to cart

SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM1-3630 inches usable length3.8 lbs./bit1each36 overall length$ 60.94
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM1-4842 inches usable length5.0 lbs./bit1each48 overall length$ 100.05
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM1-316-2317-1/2 inches usable length3.0 lbs./bit1-13/16each23-1/2 overall length$ 44.64
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM118-137 inches usable length1.5 lbs./bit1-1/8each13 overall length$ 30.44
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM118-1812 inches usable length2.0 lbs./bit1-1/8each18 overall length$ 39.50
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM118-2317-1/2 inches usable length2.8 lbs./bit1-1/8each23-1/2 overall length

$ 30.90Add to cart

SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM114-159 inches usable length2.1 lbs./bit1-1/4each15 overall length$ 41.61
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM114-2317-1/2 inches usableength3.2 lbs./bit1-1/4each23-1/2 overall length

$ 38.50Add to cart

SDS Max Hammer BitsSDS114-3630 inches usable length5.0 lbs./bit1-1/4each36 overall length$ 78.46
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM138-1812 inches usable length4.4 lbs./bit1-3/8each18 overall length$ 0.00
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM138-2317-1/2 inches usable length5.6 lbs./bit1-3/8each23-1/2 overall length$ 48.59
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM112-159 inches usable length4.9 lbs./bit1-1/2each15 overall length$ 60.71
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM112-2317-1/2 inches usable length6.3 lbs./bit1-1/2each23-1/2 overall length

$ 55.90Add to cart

SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM112-3630 inches usable length9.8 lbs./bit1-1/2each36 overall length$ 119.93
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM158-2317-1/2 inches usable length6.9 lbs./bit1-5/8each23-1/2 overall length$ 77.27
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM134-2317-1/2 inches usable length7.6 lbs./bit1-3/4each23-1/2 overall length$ 79.68
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM2-2317-1/2 inches usable length8.8 lbs./bit2each23-1/2 overall length$ 93.93
SDS Max Hammer BitsSDSM212-2418 inches usable length12.0 lbs./bit2-1/2each24 overall length$ 268.33