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$ 237.00

Size: 36 x 0.345

Diameter: 3/16-10

Weight: 35 lbs

Unit: $11.65/50 Pc. Bag, 40 Bags x 50 Pcs./Bag

Type: Carton price- 40 bags – 175 lbs. tensile strength ($23.30/100 pcs.)

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100% Virgin Nylon 6/6- U.L. Listed – Mil Specification Approved
*Rounded edges reduce insertion force and surface abrasion
*Ridges allow firmer grip for pull-thru
*Reinforced neck for greater strength
*Advance pawl design for superior looking power
*Operating Temperature (-40F to 185F)
*Low profile head for streamline appearance and snag resistance
*Smoother pull-thru due to elimination of ejector pin marks along the strap
*Designed in accordance to MS 3367
*UL Listed E197024

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Weight 35 lbs


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