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$ 21.61

Size: 22 oz.

Weight: 2.3 lbs.
Unit: EA
Type: 1 Dual Cartridge, Standard Set (Warm Weather)


*Structural Anchoring- Rebar Doweling-Crack Injection- Spall Repair
*ICBO- Cola- SBCCI- DOT- Meets ASTM C881
*Non-Sag- Moisture Insensitive
*Works Underwater
*Fast Cure- High Temperature Performance
*Use in Solid Concrete, Block, Brick, Stone or Hollow
*Mansonry- No Leakage-No Blow Backs or Leakage in Cartridge
*Anchor Threaded Rod, Bolts, Rebar, Smooth
*Dowels- Sealing Cracks- Overhead Installations- Shelf Life: 4 yrs for Components
*Great For Vibratory Equipment- Guard Rail Anchoring
*Tilt-Up Wall Braces- Crack Injection Paste- Dot Projects- Expansion Joint *Anchoring Brick Veneer Anchoring- Bonding Concrete to Concrete


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