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Magnetic Bit Holders With Ring

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With ring.
One piece stainless steel.
1/4" Shank.
Price per piece. Size Column equals Length.
Unit Column equals 1 to 24 pcs.
Price Columns equals 25 or more pcs.
Product NamePart NumberShank X LengthWeightUnitPrice/pc.Total Price
Magnetic Bit Holders BH238S 1/4" x 2-3/8".09 lb.Each$2.09

$ 2.19Add to cart

Magnetic Bit Holders BH238SBK1/4" x 2-3/8"3.5 lbs.50$1.99

$ 104.50Add to cart

Magnetic Bit HoldersBH300S1/4" x 3"1.1 lb.Each$2.79

$ 2.99Add to cart

Magnetic Bit HoldersBH300SBK1/4" x 3"4.7 lbs.50$2.65

$ 144.50Add to cart

Magnetic Bit HoldersBH6S1/4" x 6".5 lb.Each$7.59

$ 7.89Add to cart

Magnetic Bit HoldersBH6SBK1/4" x 6"5.8 lbs.50$6.99

$ 379.50Add to cart

Magnetic Bit HoldersBH12S1/4" x 12".7 lb.Each$8.93

$ 13.29Add to cart

Magnetic Bit HoldersBH12SBK1/4" x 12"11.3 lbs.50$8.46

$ 644.50Add to cart