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Hammer Anchoring Capsules

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Various DOT approvals.
Fast-setting high performance.
Can be applied from 14 to 90 degrees fahrenheit.
Suitable for wet and damp hole installations.
Install with straight cut rod or reinforcing bar.
Use in concrete and masonry materials.
Condition to 60 degrees fahrenheit before using.
See specifications and technical data before using.
2 year shelf life. PRICE PER PIECE.
Product NamePart NumberSizeWeightDiameterUnitTypePrice
Hammer Capsules67023/8.4 lb./box7/1610 pcs/box Minimum depth: 3-1/2 inches

$ 3.59

Hammer Capsules67031/2.5 lb./box9/1610 pcs/box Minimum depth: 4-1/4 inches

$ 3.98

Hammer Capsules67045/8.9 lb./box11/1610 pcs/box Minimum depth: 5 inches

$ 4.38

Hammer Capsules67053/4.6 lb./box7/85 pcs/box Minimum depth: 6 inches

$ 5.97

Hammer Capsules67067/8.7 lb./box15 pcs/box Minimum depth: 7 inches

$ 8.24

Hammer Capsules670711.0 lb./box1-1/85 pcs/box Minimum depth: 8-1/4 inches

$ 9.57