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Epoxy Dual Cartridges- Made in U.S.A.

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ITW Red Head® New G-5 Epoxy Gel.
Structural anchoring - Rebar doweling - crack injection - spall repair.
ICBO - Cola - SBCCI - DOT - Meets ASTM C881.
Non-Sag - Moisture insesitive - Works underwater.
Fast cure - High temperature performance.
Use in solid concrete, block, brick, stone or hollow masonry.
No leakage - No blow backs or leakage in cartridge.
Anchor threaded rod, bolts, rebar, smooth dowels.
Sealing cracks, overhead installations. Great for vibratory equipment, guard rail anchoring, brick veneer anchoring and bonding concrete to concrete. Price per uint.
Product NamePart NumberSizeWeightSpecificationUnitTypePrice
High Strength EpoxyE22S22 oz.2.3 lbs.12 CartridgesDual Cartridge, Standard Set (Warm Weather), includes 1 nozzle

$ 21.61

Epoxy Nozzles For 22 oz. Dual CartridgesEN1/2 X 14 step down.1 lb.High performance.1 nozzleDual Cartridge, Standard Set (Warm Weather), includes 1 nozzle

$ 2.82

High Strength EpoxyA1010 oz.1.0 lbs.6 CartridgesFast Set (Cold Weather). Includes nozzle.

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