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Duct Tape- Made in U.S.A.

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2" x 60 Yards - Cloth - Silver Color.
Enhanced adhesion allows for greater versatility.
8.5 mil tape adhesion spec is 50 oz/in. Tensile strength is 22 lbs/in.
8.5 mil tape has triple-layer construction consists of polyethylene [PE] plastic backing for waterproofing, a cloth middle layer that provides strength and affords a straight tear and a quality rubber0based adhesive for durable holding power.
8.5 mil tape is shipped from Florida.
50189 is drop shipped directly from the factory in California.
Priced per roll.
Product NamePart NumberSizeWeightDiameterUnitTypePrice
Duct TapeTD2062-10242 x 602.9 lbs./rollSilver color1 Roll7.5 mil. Shipped from FL

Duct TapeTD2062-1024BK2 x 6029.0 lbs./caseSilver color10 Rolls/Case7.5 mil. Shipped from FL

$ 4.59

Duct TapeTD20036BK2 x 6038.0 lbs./caseSilver color24 Rolls/Case7.5 mil. Shipped from FL

Duct TapeTD200102 x 1011.5 lbs./caseSilver color43 Rolls/Case8.5 mil. Shipped from FL

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Duct Tape-U.S.A. 50189 2 X 601.6 lbs./rollSilver color.1 Roll8 mil. Shipped from CA

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Duct Tape- U.S.A.50189BK2 X 6038.0 lbs./caseSilver color24 Rolls/Case8 mil. Shipped from CA

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